Welcome to Craney Hill Kennel. Our spaniel training program is designed to create dogs utilized for wild bird hunting, spaniel field trials and spaniel hunt tests. Our focus and passion is developing a bird dog that is comfortable at home, yet exciting and effective in the field. We want to work with clients who are as passionate about bird hunting as we are, have high standards and are committed to achieving established goals. The following information will outline how we can help you achieve your goals with your bird dog.

Our focus is to prepare your dog for the "real-world" field trial of bird hunting. With that in mind, our training is concentrated in preparing for the gun season. Few spaniels can be consistently competitive at AKC Spaniel Field Trials. However, we believe all spaniels competing in these field trials should be hunted. This may be in a controlled environment, at a young age for bird exposure or to build enthusiasm, but spaniels should not be bred that have not proved that they can find birds other than in training or at a game. As such, we train for competition AND bird hunting.
Our year is scheduled with monthly dog training, seminars and on-site consultations winter through summer. It is generally comprised of monthly training in the spring and summer, grouse and woodcock camp in the fall, and dog training and guided quail hunting in the winter. We participate in spaniel field trials and hunt tests September through May.

We will develop a strong foundation for your dog's entire life...from puppy through adult. Look over our website and contact us to discuss your needs. We stress educating the owner and value for the money you spend so only those serious about a top-level bird dog, field trial competition or hunt test participation need inquire. We provide monthly gun dog training, trained dog and puppy sales, field trial training and campaigning, a Gun Dog Training Seminar  and private consultations. Please contact us for more information on these services.

If you are looking to purchase a field-bred English Springer or Cocker Spaniel, we sell puppies, Started and Finished dogs. We sell only a limited number of spaniel puppies each year. This is because we primarily sell trained spaniels and keep the majority of each litter so we can develop these puppies in our gun dog training program for our clients. The benefit of this program is that it allows us to work with our own breedings and test these gun dogs in real hunting environments to be sure that our breeding program is creating the type of spaniel gun dogs that are easy to live with and easy to train. Our trained spaniels are typically sold in advance and the delivery time is 1-2 years depending on the level of training and when the order is made.